Always Carry a Knife!: By Jordan Grimes

When I was young I learned how useful a knife is, and how easy one is to carry. I have carried a knife with me to different states and to different countries. As it is on my hip, or in my pocket, it makes me feel safe. By "safe" I do not mean, if someone threatens me, I can take care of them. No, what I mean by "safe" is I have a tool that I can use to perform many different task to help me survive, if needed.

There are many people that think the world is ending in some fiery flame of bad stuff, or their plane, at any minute, will have them stranded in some remote place. These people are not dumb for thinking this. I believe in always being prepared, but that's not the point of this. This is simple; the everyday safe that can go sideways a bit, or a lot, depending on how you spend your day. There are easy-going everyday things, like being out and about when you find a rope got tangled up in the driveshaft of your car. Lucky you have a knife to help get that tangled mess off and you back on the road. Now, imagine you are half way down the road, in the middle of BFE, and your car needs oil. Fortunately, you bought oil at the stop before, but forgot your funnel. Hang on, you have a water bottle and a knife; no funnel needed! I know these aren't "life saving" in the wide scheme of things, but they are made a bit simpler with a knife.

Here is one instance, and the reason that I'm really writing this for a story. I was not present on this particular trip, but when I was told about it, I was both concerned and filled with pride (a very odd mix of feelings).

A little background to start this story: I want to tell you about my leather working I had started doing. I worked in one of the oil refineries as a welder's helper, and the welder I worked with showed me how to make sheaths for folding knifes, by making me one. After a while, the original started to show its age, so I made a new one and upped my skill level and refined how it was made. I loved it, and wanted to make more to hone my skills in. I made many of my friends sheaths, including one of my close fishing buddies.

This particular fishing buddy of mine likes to kayak fish down rivers and creeks. We had heard striped bass were running on the backside of the Lake Whitney dam. We talked about this run for awhile until finally, a trip was planned, with all the details worked out, including what to do, what to know, and the weather. The Brazos River has always been know as the "Mighty Brazos" in my family. This was fueled with stories from my DeeDah, my grandfather, about how people fought and died messing with the river. For this, and many reasons, planning was at the forefront of our minds and we looked all over the endless internet for times and dates that would be just right. Unfortunately, that time fell when I could not make it out. So, naturally, my buddies went with out me!

The story I got from him was as follows: He was fishing, anchored up in the current of the river, and casting up into the roots of a tree in calm waters. Then, out of nowhere, a stray current got rough and flipped his kayak over, tangling him up in the anchor line. With the current pulling on him, he was not able to keep his head above water. Then, thinking quickly in a terrifying situation, he pulled his knife out of his sheath and cut the line, freeing himself so he could get to shore. His kayak was retrieved by a friend that was a little way down river. He said one thing that helped him stay calm, and not panic and drown, was knowing he could get to his knife.

Like I said, I feel having a knife on me is always a good thing to do. No matter where I am, I can do anything from open a package at will, to save myself from being tangled! Pick a good quality knife, made from quality materials, and keep it where it can be easily accessed!

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