Cheating At Life: By Jordan Grimes

I have always loved hunting, fishing and the outdoors. As I got older, I lost sight of what had been important to me, and new things became important. What I'm talking about can be applied to anything in your life, but for me, and in this article, it's hunting, fishing and being outside. As a kid, I had many things I wanted to do and an idea of what I wanted my life to be. I looked up to hunters and explorers from many walks of life, time periods,and different cultures. As time went on, more responsibility came into play. I started school, then started a job, and soon started a family. None of these things are bad to have, or start, though I put these over all things I wanted to do. Things such as chasing wild game and camping in the woods for weeks. I told myself things like that are luxuries that can be skipped over and unnecessary to life. When I could, I would meet my dad one weekend at the deer lease, and hunt for 2 days out of the whole deer season. Soon the hunting was just something I did if the planets aligned just right and I had the extra money.

In recent years, my priorities have shifted. I have gotten back to the root of what truly brings me joy, and figured a way to get back on track. I had missed a lot of time that I could have been honing my skills, and had not done much hunting other than white-tail deer. I use to want to hunt everything I could and travel to camp in all the great places in North America. One big draw back was that most other hunting was foreign to me, and money was tighter then normal. That was not the only thing. I have a family now as well, and even though my wife is supportive, it still doesn't mean that time spent away is not hard on everyone in the house. We also have a daughter around the age of 5 that wants to go too, and hates when I'm gone. When she is older, she will be right beside me in every hunt I can take her on, but she is not fully ready to sit in a duck blind in the winter. We have taken her hunting and talked to her about the finer points of it.

All that said, I realized a few things about making my bigger goals a reality. The main thing is pacing the funding it takes to hunt, as well as I can (I do love new cool looking stuff). I mean our grandparents hunted in red plaid jackets and bluejeans with success. I want the fancy jacket and pants that are camouflage, but hold back buying them until after I've bought more important things like bullets, a good scope, or my hunting license.

There are sometimes ways to make things that you need for a lot less then buying them. It might not be perfect, but you can hold out with using these things, until you have money to get better stuff. You might find out you can make something better then you can buy.

You need to work to make said money, and there's not a lot of wiggle room with that except keeping up with and planning your vacation time. With the knowledge of what you want to hunt and what time they are in season you can plan your time off work. Also, try to plan to have a family vacation with hunting or fishing involved. Take the family to a cool town, with fun things to do for everybody, that is next to a good fishing lake or river.  If you start slow and figure out the small details as you go, you can get the things you want done, and not just daydream about them.

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