The Beginning By Brandon Albert

The negotiations have been made, a price has been agreed upon, and a deal has been made for 430 acres in southeast Oklahoma for the Albert family. With plenty of excitement about the deer/turkey/hog/bear potential on the property we’ve first decided to focus on the homestead. To make it a true hunting cabin we’re in the process of adding another bedroom/bathroom/porch to the existing 2 bedroom/1 bathroom home to allow for more hunters to be present at one time. 

After those expenses have been paid we’ll begin focusing on clearing of trails and opening of existing fields to create food plots for the benefit of all the wildlife. We’ve printed out a large photo of the property and laminated it to begin the design process of all existing hunting locations, areas to be cleared, entrance/exit routes, and sanctuary areas.Like many other land owners, we want to utilize the area as efficiently as possible while making sure hunting locations are not stacked on top of one another. If we are to walk on certain trails to get to tree stands, how will scent be dispersed on the walk in? Will it negatively impact a hunting location nearby? Deer will only take so much pressure until they become nocturnal or completely abandon an area entirely, so keeping pressure in mind in the design process will help this goal become a reality. We intend on investing in cellular trail camera technology to keep intrusion into each area at a minimum, though with public land surrounding a section of the property time will only tell if that hurts or helps our efforts. We will continue to keep you updated as progress is made, with hopefully many success stories to come.

Abe Bullman